Congressman John Sarbanes and Democracy 21 in support of neither partyNeitherAFP
Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression at Yale Law School in support of neither partyNeitherAFP
American Center for Law and JusticePetitionerAFP
American Target Advertising, IncPetitionerAFP
Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the ANA Non-Profit FederationPetitionerAFP
Cato InstitutePetitionerAFP
Center for Equal OpportunityPetitionerAFP
China Aid AssociationPetitionerAFP
Citizen Power Initiatives for ChinaPetitionerAFP
Citizens United and Citizens United FoundationPetitionerAFP
Concerned Women for AmericaPetitionerAFP
Council on American-Islamic RelationsPetitionerAFP
Free Speech CoalitionPetitionerAFP
Freedom FoundationPetitionerAFP
Goldwater Institute and Rio Grande FoundationPetitionerAFP
Hispanic Leadership FundPetitionerAFP
Independent Women's Law CenterPetitionerAFP
Institute for Free SpeechPetitionerAFP
Institute for JusticePetitionerAFP
James Madison Center for Free SpeechPetitionerAFP
Judicial Watch, IncPetitionerAFP
Liberty Justice CenterPetitionerAFP
National Taxpayers Union FoundationPetitionerAFP
New Civil Liberties AlliancePetitionerAFP
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerAFP
Philanthropy RoundtablePetitionerAFP
Proposition 8 Legal Defense FundPetitionerAFP
Protect The 1st and Pacific Research InstitutePetitionerAFP
Public Interest Legal Foundation and Foundation for Michigan FreedomPetitionerAFP
Randy ElfPetitionerAFP
Senator Mitch McConnellPetitionerAFP
State of ArizonaPetitionerAFP
American Legislative Exchange CouncilPetitionerAFP
Becket Fund for Religious LibertyPetitionerAFP
Buckeye InstitutePetitionerAFP
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerAFP
Electronic Frontier FoundationPetitionerAFP
Legacy FoundationPetitionerAFP
National Association of ManufacturersPetitionerAFP
Nonprofit Alliance FoundationPetitionerAFP
Thomas More SocietyPetitionerAFP
United States supporting vacatur and remandPetitionerAFP
Campaign Legal CenterRespondentAFP
Legal HistoriansRespondentAFP
National Council of NonprofitsRespondentAFP
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentAFP
Scholars of the Law of Non-Profit OrganizationsRespondentAFP
States of New YorkRespondentAFP
California Association of NonprofitsRespondentAFP
US Senators filed (in 19-251)RespondentAFP
Sam C Ehrlich in support of neither partyNeitherAlston
American Council on Education and Ten Other Higher Education AssociationsPetitionerAlston
Antitrust EconomistsPetitionerAlston
Antitrust Law And Business School ProfessorsPetitionerAlston
Former Student-AthletesPetitionerAlston
National Federation Of State High School Associations filed (in 20-512)PetitionerAlston
Thomas B NachbarPetitionerAlston
65 Professors of Law, Business, Economics, and Sports ManagementRespondentAlston
Advocates for Minor LeaguersRespondentAlston
African American Antitrust LawyersRespondentAlston
American Antitrust InstituteRespondentAlston
Dr Ellen J Staurowsky, Dr Eddie ComeauxRespondentAlston
Former NCAA ExecutivesRespondentAlston
O'Bannon Plaintiff Class RepresentativesRespondentAlston
Open Markets InstituteRespondentAlston
Players Associations of the National Football LeagueRespondentAlston
Sports EconomistsRespondentAlston
Committee to Support Antitrust LawsRespondentAlston
the United StatesRespondentAlston
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerAMG Capital
Chamber of Commerce of the United States of AmericaPetitionerAMG Capital
SBH A&I(also in 19-825)PetitionerAMG Capital
Surescripts, LLCPetitionerAMG Capital
TechFreedomPetitionerAMG Capital
New Civil Liberties AlliancePetitionerAMG Capital
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of AmericaPetitionerAMG Capital
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerAMG Capital
American Antitrust InstituteRespondentAMG Capital
Former Federal Trade Commission OfficialsRespondentAMG Capital
National Consumer Law CenterRespondentAMG Capital
Open Markets InstituteRespondentAMG Capital
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentAMG Capital
Remedies, Restitution, Antitrust, and Intellectual Property Law ScholarsRespondentAMG Capital
States of IllinoisRespondentAMG Capital
Truth in Advertising, IncRespondentAMG Capital
Professor Andrew Michaels in support of neither partyNeitherArthrex
Professor John Harrison in support of neither partyNeitherArthrex
Unified Patents, LLC in support of neither party and of reversalNeitherArthrex
Acushnet Company and Roger Cleveland Golf IncPetitionerArthrex
Administrative, Constitutional & Intellectual Property Law ProfessorsPetitionerArthrex
American Intellectual Property Law AssociationPetitionerArthrex
Apple Inc in support of neither partyPetitionerArthrex
Askeladden LLCPetitionerArthrex
Association for Accessible MedicinesPetitionerArthrex
Coalition Against Patent Abuse in support of neither partyPetitionerArthrex
Computer & Communications Industry AssociationPetitionerArthrex
Cross-Industry GroupsPetitionerArthrex
eComp ConsultantsPetitionerArthrex
Engine Advocacy and Electronic Frontier FoundationPetitionerArthrex
High Tech Inventors AlliancePetitionerArthrex
Intel CorpPetitionerArthrex
Jason V Morgan filed (in 19-1434)PetitionerArthrex
Niskanen CenterPetitionerArthrex
Intellectual Property Law Association of ChicagoPetitionerArthrex
39 Aggrieved InventorsRespondentArthrex
Americans for Prosperity FoundationRespondentArthrex
BE Technology, LLCRespondentArthrex
Cato InstituteRespondentArthrex
Fair Inventing FundRespondentArthrex
Jeremy C DoerreRespondentArthrex
Joshua J MaloneRespondentArthrex
New Civil Liberties AllianceRespondentArthrex
Pacific Legal FoundationRespondentArthrex
TiVo CorporationRespondentArthrex
US Lumber CoalitionRespondentArthrex
US Inventor, IncRespondentArthrex
DRI - Voice of the Defense BarPetitionerBandemer
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerBorden
Immigrant Rights OrganizationsPetitionerBorden
Law Professors Leah LitmanPetitionerBorden
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerBorden
National Association of Federal DefendersPetitionerBorden
Criminal Justice Legal FoundationRespondentBorden
American Petroleum InstitutePetitionerBP
Atlantic Legal FoundationPetitionerBP
Chamber of Commerce of the United States of AmericaPetitionerBP
DRI - Voice of the Defense BarPetitionerBP
Energy Policy AdvocatesPetitionerBP
Richard B Myers and Michael G MullenPetitionerBP
States of IndianaPetitionerBP
National Association of ManufacturersPetitionerBP
United StatesPetitionerBP
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerBP
Boulder County, San Miguel County, and the City of Boulder, Colorado (Corrected Copy)RespondentBP
Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Natural Resources Defense CouncilRespondentBP
Erwin ChemerinskyRespondentBP
Senators Sheldon WhitehouseRespondentBP
State and Local Government GroupsRespondentBP
States of New YorkRespondentBP
Harmony Allen and Protect Our DefendersPetitionerBriggs
Members of CongressPetitionerBriggs
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersRespondentBriggs
US Army Defense Appellate DivisionRespondentBriggs
Legislators Elijah Haahr in support of neither partyNeitherBrnovich
Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos in support of neither partyNeitherBrnovich
Cato InstituteNeitherBrnovich
American Constitutional Rights UnionPetitionerBrnovich
Election Integrity Project CaliforniaPetitionerBrnovich
Governor Douglas A Ducey, President of the Arizona State Senate Karen Fann, and Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives Russell BowersPetitionerBrnovich
Governor Kristi NoemPetitionerBrnovich
Helen Purcell in Support of PetitionersPetitionerBrnovich
Honest Elections ProjectPetitionerBrnovich
Judicial Watch, Inc and Allied Educational FoundationPetitionerBrnovich
Liberty Justice CenterPetitionerBrnovich
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerBrnovich
Public Interest Legal FoundationPetitionerBrnovich
Republican Governors Public Policy CommitteePetitionerBrnovich
Senator Ted Cruz and Ten Other Members of the United States SenatePetitionerBrnovich
States of Ohio, AlabamaPetitionerBrnovich
United StatesPetitionerBrnovich
Wisconsin Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Speaker Robin VosPetitionerBrnovich
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of LawRespondentBrnovich
Campaign Legal CenterRespondentBrnovich
Casper Sleep IncRespondentBrnovich
Constitutional Accountability CenterRespondentBrnovich
District of ColumbiaRespondentBrnovich
Empirical Elections ScholarsRespondentBrnovich
Fair Fight Action, IncRespondentBrnovich
Mi Familia VotaRespondentBrnovich
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational FundRespondentBrnovich
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under LawRespondentBrnovich
National Congress of American IndiansRespondentBrnovich
Navajo NationRespondentBrnovich
North Carolina, Memphis, Central Virginia, and Miami-Dade Chapters of the A Philip Randolf InstituteRespondentBrnovich
Professor Travis CrumRespondentBrnovich
Senate Staffers and Other Leading Participants in the 1982 Amendments to the Voting Rights ActRespondentBrnovich
State And Local Election OfficialsRespondentBrnovich
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human RightsRespondentBrnovich
Voting Rights ScholarsRespondentBrnovich
Cato InstituteRespondentBrownback
Law Enforcement Action PartnershipRespondentBrownback
Members of CongressRespondentBrownback
Professors James Pfander, Gregory Sisk & Zachary Clopton (9/11/2020)RespondentBrownback
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentBrownback
States of Ohio and Montana in support of neither partyNeitherCalifornia v Texas
36 State Hospital Associations filed (in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
44 Counties, Cities, and Towns and California State Association of Counties (in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
47 Members of the United States SenatePetitionerCalifornia v Texas
AARPPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Alliance of Community Health Plans and Association for Community Affiliated PlansPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
American Association of People with Disabilities, et alPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
American Cancer Society et alPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
American Medical AssociationPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
American Thoracic Society(in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
America's Health Insurance PlansPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Association for Accessible MedicinesPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Bipartisan Economic ScholarsPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
David Boyle (in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Families USAPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
First Focus on Children and The Children's PartnershipPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
HCA Healthcare, IncPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Health Care Policy ScholarsPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Jeremy C DoerrePetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, IncPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
National Health Law ProgramPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
National Hospital AssociationsPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
National Women's Law CenterPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research InstitutePetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Professors Jonathan H AdlerPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Professors Michael C Dorf and Martin S LedermanPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Public Health ExpertsPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Samuel L Bray, Michael W McConnell, and Kevin C WalshPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Service Employees International UnionPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Small Business Majority FoundationPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
States of Maryland filed (in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Catholic Health Association of United StatesPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
National Association of Community Health CentersPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Tribes and Tribal OrganizationsPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Walter Dellinger, Douglas Laycock, Christopher SchroederPetitionerCalifornia v Texas
Washington and Lee University School of Law Black Lung Clinic filed (in 19-840)PetitionerCalifornia v Texas
American Center for Law and JusticeRespondentCalifornia v Texas
Association of American Physicians and SurgeonsRespondentCalifornia v Texas
Center for Constitutional JurisprudenceRespondentCalifornia v Texas
Foundation for Moral LawRespondentCalifornia v Texas
Landmark Legal FoundationRespondentCalifornia v Texas
Cato InstituteRespondentCalifornia v Texas
American Association of SuicidologyPetitionerCaniglia
Constitutional Accountability CenterPetitionerCaniglia
Firearms Policy CoalitionPetitionerCaniglia
Gun Owners of AmericaPetitionerCaniglia
Institute for JusticePetitionerCaniglia
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerCaniglia
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerCaniglia
Project for Privacy and Surveillance Accountability and Restore the Fourth IncPetitionerCaniglia
Second Amendment FoundationPetitionerCaniglia
Second Amendment Law Center, Inc, California Rifle and Pistol Association, Gun Owners of CaliforniaPetitionerCaniglia
The Rutherford InstitutePetitionerCaniglia
National Association of CountiesRespondentCaniglia
United StatesRespondentCaniglia
Conference of Chief Justices in support of neither partyNeitherCarney v Adams
Anthony Daunt and Norman ShinklePetitionerCarney v Adams
Campaign Legal CenterPetitionerCarney v Adams
Former Chief Justices of the Delaware Supreme CourtPetitionerCarney v Adams
Former Governors of the State of DelawarePetitionerCarney v Adams
Professors Brian D Feinstein and Daniel J HemelPetitionerCarney v Adams
ProfessorsPetitionerCarney v Adams
State and Local Government AssociationsPetitionerCarney v Adams
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of LawPetitionerCarney v Adams
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerCarney v Adams
Delaware State Bar AssociationPetitionerCarney v Adams
Cato InstituteRespondentCarney v Adams
Lawyers and ProfessorsRespondentCarney v Adams
Libertarian National Committee (Corrected brief to be submitted - March 16, 2020)RespondentCarney v Adams
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentCarney v Adams
Collective of Social Security Administration Administrative Law Judges in support of neither partyNeitherCarr
Institute for JusticePetitionerCarr
National Association of Disability RepresentativesVIDEDPetitionerCarr
National Organization of Social Security Claimants' RepresentativesPetitionerCarr
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerCarr
Social Security, Government Benefit Program and Administrative Law Professors and ScholarsPetitionerCarr
New Civil Liberties AlliancePetitionerCarr
National Association of CountiesNeitherCedar Point
American Farm Bureau FederationPetitionerCedar Point
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerCedar Point
California Farm Bureau FederationPetitionerCedar Point
Center for Constitutional JurisprudencePetitionerCedar Point
Chamber of Commerce of the United States of AmericaPetitionerCedar Point
Institute for JusticePetitionerCedar Point
Liberty Justice CenterPetitionerCedar Point
Mountain States Legal FoundationPetitionerCedar Point
New England Legal FoundationPetitionerCedar Point
Pelican Institute for Public PolicyPetitionerCedar Point
State of OklahomaPetitionerCedar Point
Buckeye InstitutePetitionerCedar Point
Cato InstitutePetitionerCedar Point
United StatesPetitionerCedar Point
Western Growers Association; California Fresh Fruit Association; Grower-Shipper Association of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties; and Ventura County Agricultural AssociationPetitionerCedar Point
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial OrganizationsRespondentCedar Point
California Rural Legal Assistance, IncRespondentCedar Point
Commonwealth of VirginiaRespondentCedar Point
Constitutional Accountability CenterRespondentCedar Point
International Lawyers Assisting Workers Network (ILAW)RespondentCedar Point
Legal HistoriansRespondentCedar Point
Local GovernmentsRespondentCedar Point
National Employment Law ProjectRespondentCedar Point
Property Law ProfessorsRespondentCedar Point
Senators Sheldon WhitehouseRespondentCedar Point
Senators Sheldon WhitehouseRespondentCedar Point
Service Employees International UnionRespondentCedar Point
United Farm Workers of AmericaRespondentCedar Point
United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council and Teamsters Joint Council 7RespondentCedar Point
National Association of CountiesPetitionerChicago v Fulton
Professors Ralph BrubakerPetitionerChicago v Fulton
United StatesPetitionerChicago v Fulton
ACLURespondentChicago v Fulton
Bankruptcy Law ProfessorsRespondentChicago v Fulton
Geraci Law LLCRespondentChicago v Fulton
National Association of Bankruptcy TrusteesRespondentChicago v Fulton
National Association of Chapter Thirteen TrusteesRespondentChicago v Fulton
National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights CenterRespondentChicago v Fulton
Professors John A E Pottow and Jay Lawrence WestbrookRespondentChicago v Fulton
Alabama Captive Insurance Association, IncPetitionerCIC
American College of Tax CounselPetitionerCIC
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerCIC
Center for Taxpayer RightsPetitionerCIC
Chamber of Commerce of the United States of AmericaPetitionerCIC
Kristin E HickmanPetitionerCIC
Institute for Free SpeechPetitionerCIC
Motion for leave to file amicus brief out of time filed by Partnership for Conservation (7/31/2020)PetitionerCIC
National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal CenterPetitionerCIC
National Taxpayers Union FoundationPetitionerCIC
Patrick J SmithPetitionerCIC
Former Government OfficialsRespondentCIC
Professor Bryan T CampRespondentCIC
Alaska Federation of NativesPetitionerConfederated Tribes
Association of Alaska Housing AuthoritiesPetitionerConfederated Tribes
Cook Inlet Region, IncPetitionerConfederated Tribes
State of AlaskaPetitionerConfederated Tribes
US Senators Lisa MurkowskiPetitionerConfederated Tribes
Five Indian TribesRespondentConfederated Tribes
National Congress of American IndiansRespondentConfederated Tribes
Professors and HistoriansRespondentConfederated Tribes
Representative Raúl M GrijalvaRespondentConfederated Tribes
States of UtahRespondentConfederated Tribes
Cayuga NationPetitionerCooley
Current and Former Members of CongressPetitionerCooley
Former United States AttorneysPetitionerCooley
Indian Law Scholars and ProfessorsPetitionerCooley
Lower Brule Sioux TribePetitionerCooley
National Congress of American IndiansPetitionerCooley
National Indigenous Women's Resource CenterPetitionerCooley
Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray ReservationPetitionerCooley
Citizens Equal Rights FoundationRespondentCooley
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersRespondentCooley
Ninth Circuit Federal Public and Community DefendersRespondentCooley
American Immigration Lawyers Association and National Immigrant Justice CenterRespondentDai
Refugee Advocacy OrganizationsRespondentDai
Thirty-Five Former Immigration Judges and Members of the Board of Immigration AppealsRespondentDai
Jonathan F Mitchell and Adam K MortaraNeitherEdwards
Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center and Phillips Black, Inc, in support of neither partyNeitherEdwards
Center on Race, InequalityPetitionerEdwards
DKT Liberty ProjectPetitionerEdwards
Edward L Tarpley, JrPetitionerEdwards
Federal Public Defender for the District of Oregon and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers AssociationPetitionerEdwards
Former Judges, Prosecutors, and Public OfficialsPetitionerEdwards
Human Rights for Kids and Louisiana Center for Children’s RightsPetitionerEdwards
Innocence Project New OrleansPetitionerEdwards
JonRe TaylorPetitionerEdwards
Law Professors and Social ScientistsPetitionerEdwards
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under LawPetitionerEdwards
Louisiana Professors of LawPetitionerEdwards
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational FundPetitionerEdwards
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerEdwards
Promise of Justice InitiativePetitionerEdwards
Commonwealth of Puerto RicoRespondentEdwards
State of OregonRespondentEdwards
United StatesRespondentEdwards
“On-Demand” Technology PlatformsPetitionerFacebook
Chamber of Commerce of the United States of AmericaPetitionerFacebook
Credit Union National Association, IncPetitionerFacebook
Healthcare CompaniesPetitionerFacebook
Home Depot, IncPetitionerFacebook
Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association, American Property Casualty Insurance Association and Consumer Credit Industry AssociationPetitionerFacebook
Midland Credit Management, IncPetitionerFacebook
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLCPetitionerFacebook
Professional Association for Customer Engagement and Noble Systems CorporationPetitionerFacebook
Quicken Loans, LLCPetitionerFacebook
Retail Litigation Center, IncPetitionerFacebook
Salesforcecom, IncPetitionerFacebook
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerFacebook
21 Members of CongressRespondentFacebook
Dr Henning SchulzrinneRespondentFacebook
Electronic Privacy Information CenterRespondentFacebook
John McCurley and Dan DeforestRespondentFacebook
Main Street AllianceRespondentFacebook
National Consumer Law CenterRespondentFacebook
State of North CarolinaRespondentFacebook
DRI - Voice of the Defense BarPetitionerFord Motor
Institute of International BankersPetitionerFord Motor
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)PetitionerFord Motor
Product Liability Advisory Council, IncPetitionerFord Motor
Alliance for Automobile InnovationPetitionerFord Motor
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerFord Motor
United StatesPetitionerFord Motor
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerFord Motor
American Association for JusticeRespondentFord Motor
Civil Procedure and Federal Courts ProfessorsRespondentFord Motor
Civil Procedure ProfessorsRespondentFord Motor
Civil Procedure Professors Pamela K BookmanRespondentFord Motor
Foundation for Moral LawRespondentFord Motor
Main Street AllianceRespondentFord Motor
Minnesota, Texas, 37 Other States and The District of ColumbiaRespondentFord Motor
National Association of Home BuildersRespondentFord Motor
Professor Jonathan R NashRespondentFord Motor
Professors of JurisdictionRespondentFord Motor
Center for Auto SafetyRespondentFord Motor
Eugene Volokh in support of neither partyNeitherFulton v Philadelphia
76 United States Senators and Members of the House of RepresentativesPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Archbishop Jerome E Listecki and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of MilwaukeePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield, IllinoisPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Center for Constitutional JurisprudencePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Christian Legal SocietyPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Coalition for Jewish ValuesPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Concerned Women for AmericaPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Council for Christian Colleges and UniversitiesPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Current and Former State LegislatorsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Dorothy FramePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Fifteen Pennsylvania State SenatorsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Former Attorney General Edwin Meese IIIPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Former Foster Children and Foster ParentsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Foundation for Moral LawPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Galen BlackPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Generation JusticePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Great Lakes Justice CenterPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
James and Gail Blais, General Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Jewish Coalition for Religious LibertyPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Life Legal Defense FoundationPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
National Association of EvangelicalsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
National Jewish Commission on Law and Public AffairsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
New Civil Liberties AlliancePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
New Hope Family Services, Inc and Catholic Charities West MichiganPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Robertson Center for Constitutional LawPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
States of Nebraska, Arizona, and OhioPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Bruderhof, United Sikhs, International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Islam & Religious Freedom Action Team of Religious Freedom Institute, and Asma UddinPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
Institute for Faith and FamilyPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
The Rutherford InstitutePetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
The States of Texas, Alabama, Arkansa, Llouisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Commonwealth of KentuckyPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
United States Conference of Catholic BishopsPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
United StatesPetitionerFulton v Philadelphia
27 Roman Catholic Lay Persons Supporting RespondentsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
32 Businesses and OrganizationsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and Other OrganizationsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Alan Brownstein, Melissa Rogers, and Rabbi David SapersteinRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
American Atheists, IncRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
American Psychological AssociationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Amici Miguel Diaz, CHILD USARespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Baptist Joint Committee For Religious LibertyRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Center for the Study of Social Policy and National Center for Lesbian RightsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Children's RightsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Church-State ScholarsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Family Equality and PFLAG NationalRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
First Amendment ScholarsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Former Service Secretaries and the Modern Military Association of AmericaRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
FosterClub and Former Foster YouthRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Freedom From Religion FoundationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders and 27 Other LGBTQ Advocacy GroupsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Government Contracts Professor and Practitioner Richard C LoebRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Historians of Child WelfareRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Indian Law ProfessorsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
KidsVoiceRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Lawrence G SagerRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Lee C BollingerRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Legal Scholars in Support of Equality in Support of RespondentsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Local Governments, Mayors, and US Conference of Mayors as Amici Curiae in Support of RespondentsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Lutheran Child and Family Services of IllinoisRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
MassachusettsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Members of CongressRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
National LGBT Bar AssocationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
New York State Bar AssociationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Office of the Cook County Public GuardianRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Organizations Serving LGBTQ YouthRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
President of the House of Deputies of The Episcopal ChurchRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Professors Ira C LupuRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Prospective Foster Parents Subjected to Religiously Motivated Discrimination by Child-Placement AgenciesRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Republican Legislators, Elected Officials, and LeadersRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Scholars of the Constitutional Rights and Interests of ChildrenRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Scholars Who Study The LGB PopulationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) and 25 Other Organizations Serving Older and Disabled IndividualsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
American Bar AssociationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Annie E Casey FoundationRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human RightsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
National League of Cities et alRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
National Women's Law Center and 35 Additional OrganizationsRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Voice for AdoptionRespondentFulton v Philadelphia
Cato InstituteRespondentGary
Former United States District Court JudgesRespondentGary
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersRespondentGary
National Association of Federal DefendersRespondentGary
Stuart BannerRespondentGary
Davis R Robinson in support of neither partyNeitherGermany
Holocaust and Nuremberg Historians in support of neither partNeitherGermany
Professors Samuel Estreicher and Thomas H Lee in support of neither party filed (also in 18-1447)NeitherGermany
Societe Nationale SNCF SA in support of neither party filed (also in 18-1447)NeitherGermany
Foreign International Law Scholars and JuristsPetitionerGermany
United StatesPetitionerGermany
American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and other advocates for Holocaust restitutionRespondentGermany
Florida Holocaust MuseumRespondentGermany
Holocaust Survivors Foundation, USA, IncRespondentGermany
Members of the United States House of RepresentativesRespondentGermany
National Jewish Commission on Law and Public AffairsRespondentGermany
Peter TorenRespondentGermany
Professor William S Dodge and Professor Maggie Gardner filed (also in 18-1447)RespondentGermany
The 1939 Society filed (also in 18-1447)RespondentGermany
Holocaust Art Restitution Project, IncRespondentGermany
The World Jewish Congress, Commission for Art Recovery, and Ambassador Ronald S Lauder filed (also in 18-1447)RespondentGermany
United States support of neither partyNeitherGoldman Sachs
American International Group, Inc et alPetitionerGoldman Sachs
Financial EconomistsPetitionerGoldman Sachs
Former SEC Officials and Law ProfessorsPetitionerGoldman Sachs
Retail Litigation Center, IncPetitionerGoldman Sachs
Securities and Financial Markets AssociationPetitionerGoldman Sachs
The Society for Corporate GovernancePetitionerGoldman Sachs
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerGoldman Sachs
Better Markets, IncRespondentGoldman Sachs
Evidence Law ProfessorsRespondentGoldman Sachs
Financial EconomistsRespondentGoldman Sachs
Former SEC OfficialsRespondentGoldman Sachs
Institutional InvestorsRespondentGoldman Sachs
National Association of Shareholder and Consumer AttorneysRespondentGoldman Sachs
Professors of Securities Law and Complex LitigationRespondentGoldman Sachs
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentGoldman Sachs
State of New Mexico et alRespondentGoldman Sachs
North American Securities Administrators Association, IncRespondentGoldman Sachs
American Intellectual Property Law AssociationNeitherGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation et al in support of neither partyNeitherGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
American Antitrust InstitutePetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Auto Care Association and Static Control Components, IncPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Center for Democracy and TechnologyPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Civ Pro, IP & Legal History ProfessorsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Computer & Communications Industry AssociationPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Copyright ScholarsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Developers AlliancePetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Eighty Three Computer ScientistsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Electronic Frontier FoundationPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Empirical Legal ResearchersPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Engine AdvocacyPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Glynn LunneyPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
International Business Machines Corp et alPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Michael RischPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Microsoft CorporationPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Professors Peter S MenellPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Python Software FoundationPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
R Street InstitutePetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Retail Litigation Center, IncPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Rimini Street, IncPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Seventy Two Intellectual Property ScholarsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Small, Medium, and Open Source Technology OrganizationsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Software and System Developers and Engineers for United States Government AgenciesPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Software Freedom Law Center (1/17/2020)PetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Software Innovators, Startups, and InvestorsPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
American Library AssociationPetitionerGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
25 Professors of Journalism and Media LawRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Alliance of US Startups and Inventors for Jobs ("USIJ")RespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
American Legislative Exchange CouncilRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Center for Medicine in the Public InterestRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Committee for JusticeRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Consumers' ResearchRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Copyright AllianceRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Copyright Thought LeadersRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Digital Justice FoundationRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Dolby Labratories, IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Former CongressmenRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Former SUN Executive Scott McNealyRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Helienne LindvallRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Hudson InstituteRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Industry Executives Joseph M Tucci and Paul T DacierRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Interdisciplinary Research Team on Programmer CreativityRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Internet Accountability ProjectRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Motion Picture Association, IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
News Media AllianceRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Nine Professors and Scholars of Intellectual Property LawRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Professor and Former CONTU Member Arthur R MillerRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Professor Eugene H Spafford, PHDRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Ralph OmanRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
SAS Institute IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Synopsys, IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Ten Creators' Rights OrganizationsRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
American Conservative Union FoundationRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Association of American Publishers, IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Mathworks, IncRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
Recording Industry Association of AmericaRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
United StatesRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
USTelecom – The Broadband AssociationRespondentGoogle LLC v Oracle America Inc
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerGreer
Immigration Reform Law InstitutePetitionerGuzman Chavez
ACLURespondentGuzman Chavez
American Immigration Council filed (Dec15, 2020)RespondentGuzman Chavez
Former United States Immigration Judges and Members of the Board of Immigration AppealsRespondentGuzman Chavez
Human Rights First and International Law ScholarsRespondentGuzman Chavez
National Immigrant Justice CenterRespondentGuzman Chavez
National Immigration Litigation AllianceRespondentGuzman Chavez
Countrymark Refining and Logistics, LLC (Corrected brief to be submitted - 3/12/21)PetitionerHollyFrontier
Small Refineries CoalitionPetitionerHollyFrontier
States of Wyoming,PetitionerHollyFrontier
American Fuel & Petrochemical ManufacturersPetitionerHollyFrontier
Advanced Biofuels AssociationRespondentHollyFrontier
Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas and Producers of Renewables United for Integrity Truth and TransparencyRespondentHollyFrontier
Growth Energy and American Farm Bureau FederationRespondentHollyFrontier
National Biodiesel BoardRespondentHollyFrontier
States of IowaRespondentHollyFrontier
National Association of CountiesPetitionerHotelscom
Professors Samuel Estreicher And Thomas H Lee in support of neither party filed (also in 19-351)NeitherHungary
Societe Nationale SNCF SA in support of neither party filed (also in 19-351)NeitherHungary
American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and other adovcates for Holocaust restitutionRespondentHungary
Former State Department Attorney Mark B FeldmanRespondentHungary
Holocaust Survivors Foundation, USA, IncRespondentHungary
Members of the United States House of RepresentativesRespondentHungary
Professor William S Dodge and Professor Maggie Gardner filed (also in 19-351)RespondentHungary
Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights and Professor Irwin CotlerRespondentHungary
The 1939 Society filed (also in 19-351)RespondentHungary
The World Jewish Congress, Commission for Art Recovery, and Ambassador Ronald S Lauder filed (also in 19-351)RespondentHungary
Victims of the Hungarian HolocaustRespondentHungary
Jonathan F Mitchell and Adam K MortaraNeitherJones
Current and Former Prosecutors, Department of Justice Officials, and JudgesPetitionerJones
Erwin ChemerinskyPetitionerJones
Juvenile Law CenterPetitionerJones
Madge Jones, Tony Jones, Marty Jones and Nicolle OlsonPetitionerJones
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerJones
American Bar AssociationPetitionerJones
Criminal Justice Legal FoundationRespondentJones
National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers (9/4/2020)RespondentJones
State of IndianaRespondentJones
United StatesRespondentJones
Constitutional Accountability CenterPetitionerLange
DKT Liberty ProjectPetitionerLange
Gun Owners of AmericaPetitionerLange
Institute for JusticePetitionerLange
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerLange
National College for DUI DefensePetitionerLange
Project for Privacy & Surveillance Accountability and Restore the Fourth, IncPetitionerLange
States of Illinois et alPetitionerLange
The Rutherford InstitutePetitionerLange
Court-appointed amicus curiae in support of the judgment belowRespondentLange
Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ AssociationRespondentLange
Mothers Against Drunk DrivingRespondentLange
National Fraternal Order of PoliceRespondentLange
Professor Steven PenneyRespondentLange
Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and California District Attorneys AssociationRespondentLange
States of Ohio, AlabamaRespondentLange
United StatesRespondentLange
American Center for Law and JusticeNeitherMahoney
Nation Education Association in support of neither partyNeitherMahoney
Cyberbullying Research CenterPetitionerMahoney
First Amendment and Education Law ScholarsPetitionerMahoney
National Association of Pupil Services Administrators and Pennsylvania Association of Pupil Services AdministratorsPetitionerMahoney
National School Boards AssociationPetitionerMahoney
Pennsylvania School Boards Association and Pennsylvania Principals AssociationPetitionerMahoney
Huntsville, Alabama City Board of EducationPetitionerMahoney
United StatesPetitionerMahoney
Advancement Project, Juvenile Law CenterRespondentMahoney
Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian Legal SocietyRespondentMahoney
Americans for Prosperity FoundationRespondentMahoney
College Athlete AdvocatesRespondentMahoney
Current and Former Student School Board MembersRespondentMahoney
First Liberty InstituteRespondentMahoney
Foundation for Individual Rights in EducationRespondentMahoney
HISD Student CongressRespondentMahoney
Jane Bambauer, Ashutosh Bhagwat, and Eugene VolokhRespondentMahoney
Law and Education ProfessorsRespondentMahoney
Liberty Justice CenterRespondentMahoney
Life Legal Defense FoundationRespondentMahoney
Mary Beth Tinker & John TinkerRespondentMahoney
Pacific Legal FoundationRespondentMahoney
Parents Defending EducationRespondentMahoney
School Discipline ProfessorsRespondentMahoney
States of LouisianaRespondentMahoney
Student Press Law CenterRespondentMahoney
Teachers, School Administrators, and the National Council of Teachers of EnglishRespondentMahoney
Becket Fund for Religious LibertyRespondentMahoney
Electronic Frontier FoundationRespondentMahoney
Independent Women's Law CenterRespondentMahoney
National Women's Law CenterRespondentMahoney
VanHo LawRespondentMahoney
Intellectual Property Owners Association filed in support of neither partyNeitherMinerva
New York City Bar Association in support of neither partyNeitherMinerva
New York Intellectual Property Law Association in support of neither partyNeitherMinerva
United States in support of neither partyNeitherMinerva
American Intellectual Property Law AssociationPetitionerMinerva
Engine AdvocacyPetitionerMinerva
Intellectual Property Law ProfessorsPetitionerMinerva
Leading Technology Composites, Inc and Clarkwestern Dietrich Building Systems LLCRespondentMinerva
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of AmericaRespondentMinerva
United Therapeutics CorpRespondentMinerva
Cato InstitutePetitionerNestle
Professors of International Law, Foreign Relations Law and Federal JurisdictionPetitionerNestle
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerNestle
Coca-Cola CompanyPetitionerNestle
The World Cocoa FoundationPetitionerNestle
United StatesPetitionerNestle
Washington Legal Foundation and Allied Educational FoundationPetitionerNestle
Access NowRespondentNestle
Center for Global JusticeRespondentNestle
Center for Justice & Accountability and Human Rights FirstRespondentNestle
Constitutional Accountability CenterRespondentNestle
EarthRights InternationalRespondentNestle
Foreign LawyersRespondentNestle
Former Government OfficialsRespondentNestle
Grant & Eisenhofer ESG InstituteRespondentNestle
International Human Rights OrganizationsRespondentNestle
International Law ScholarsRespondentNestle
International Law Scholars, Former Diplomats, and PractitionersRespondentNestle
Members of CongressRespondentNestle
Nuremberg ScholarsRespondentNestle
Oxfam AmericaRespondentNestle
Professors of Legal HistoryRespondentNestle
Small and Mid-Size Cocoa and Chocolate CompaniesRespondentNestle
Tony's ChocolonelyRespondentNestle
Yale Law School Center for Global Legal ChallengesRespondentNestle
American Immigration Lawyers AssociationPetitionerNiz-Chavez
National Immigrant Justice CenterPetitionerNiz-Chavez
Thirty-Three Former Immigration Judges and Members of the Board of Immigration AppealsPetitionerNiz-Chavez
Immigration Reform Law InstituteRespondentNiz-Chavez
Immigration Reform Law InstitutePetitionerPalomar Santiago
Former Executive Office of Immigration Review JudgesRespondentPalomar Santiago
Professors Kelly Lytle Hernández, Mae Ngai, and Ingrid EaglyRespondentPalomar Santiago
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersRespondentPalomar Santiago
National Immigration ProjectRespondentPalomar Santiago
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLCPetitionerPenneast
Energy Equipment and Infrastructure AlliancePetitionerPenneast
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, American Gas Association, American Petroleum InstitutePetitionerPenneast
Marcellus Shale Coalition and Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas AssociationPetitionerPenneast
Pennslvania Manufacturers' Association and the New Jersey Business & Industry AssociationPetitionerPenneast
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerPenneast
United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, AFL-CIOPetitionerPenneast
United StatesPetitionerPenneast
Institute for JusticeRespondentPenneast
State of OregonRespondentPenneast
Council of State GovernmentsRespondentPenneast
Former United States Immigration Judges and Members of the Board of Immigration AppealsPetitionerPereida
Immigrant Defense ProjectPetitionerPereida
Immigration Law ProfessorsPetitionerPereida
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerPereida
Immigration Reform Law InstituteRespondentPereida
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerPrometheus
Gray Television, IncPetitionerPrometheus
Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Publc Policy StudiesPetitionerPrometheus
Southeastern Legal FoundationPetitionerPrometheus
ABC Television Affiliates Association, CBS Television Network Affiliates Association, FBC Television Affiliates Association, and NBC Television AffiliatesPetitionerPrometheus
District of ColumbiaRespondentPrometheus
Former FCC CommissionersRespondentPrometheus
Media Law and Policy ScholarsRespondentPrometheus
Members of CongressRespondentPrometheus
Professors of Communications Law, Policy, and Administrative Law, and Doctors of Economics and Social ScienceRespondentPrometheus
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentPrometheus
Public KnowledgeRespondentPrometheus
Sue Wilson, Media Action Center filed (Corrected PDF submitted - 1/14/21)RespondentPrometheus
American Statistical AssociationRespondentPrometheus
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human RightsRespondentPrometheus
AARPNeitherRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
AIDS Healthcare FoundationPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Alliance for Transparent and Affordable PrescriptionsPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
American Medical AssociationPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Arkansas Pharmacists AssociationPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Community Oncology Alliance, IncPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
FMI and Twenty-Three Retail Trade AssociationsPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
National Association of Chain Drug Stores, IncPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
National Association of Specialty PharmacyPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
National Council of Insurance LegislatorsPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
States of CaliforniaPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
United StatesPetitionerRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Academy of Managed Care PharmacyRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
America's Health Insurance PlansRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Employers Health Purchasing CorporationRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
JB Hunt Transport Services, IncRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Society for Human Resource ManagementRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaRespondentRutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
22 Cities and CountiesPetitionerSanchez
American Immigration Lawyers AssociationPetitionerSanchez
District of ColumbiaPetitionerSanchez
Harvard TPS CoalitionPetitionerSanchez
Human Rights Watch and Alianza AmericasPetitionerSanchez
Immigration Law ProfessorsPetitionerSanchez
Members of CongressPetitionerSanchez
National Immigration Litigation AlliancePetitionerSanchez
Oxfam AmericaPetitionerSanchez
Professors Alan Morrison and Brian WolfmanPetitionerSanchez
Service Employees International UnionPetitionerSanchez
Immigration Reform Law InstituteRespondentSanchez
Freedom From Religion FoundationNeitherTanzin v Tanvir
American Atheists, Center for InquiryPetitionerTanzin v Tanvir
67 Religious OrganizationsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination CommitteeRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Fourteen Religious-Liberty ScholarsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
General Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Institute for JusticeRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Jeffrey D KahnRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Muslim AdvocatesRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Religious and Civil-Rights OrganizationsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Religious Organizations, Public Speakers and ScholarsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Statutory Interpretation ScholarsRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
Becket Fund for Religious LibertyRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
The Rutherford InstituteRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
The Sikh CoalitionRespondentTanzin v Tanvir
American Conservative Union & ACU FoundationPetitionerTerry
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerTerry
Constitutional Accountability CenterPetitionerTerry
District of ColumbiaPetitionerTerry
Retired Federal Judges, Former Federal ProsecutorsPetitionerTerry
Senators Richard J DurbinPetitionerTerry
Constitutional Accountability CenterPetitionerTorres
Fourth Amendment ScholarsPetitionerTorres
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational FundPetitionerTorres
Restore the Fourth, IncPetitionerTorres
American Association for JusticePetitionerTorres
The Rutherford InstitutePetitionerTorres
the United StatesPetitionerTorres
National Association of CountiesRespondentTorres
the United StatesNeitherTransunion
ACA InternationalPetitionerTransunion
Consumer Data Industry AssociationPetitionerTransunion
eBay IncPetitionerTransunion
National Association of ManufacturersPetitionerTransunion
National Consumer Reporting Association, IncPetitionerTransunion
Professional Background Screening AssociationPetitionerTransunion
Retail Litigation Center, IncPetitionerTransunion
Chamber of Commerce of United States of AmericaPetitionerTransunion
Home Depot, Inc et alPetitionerTransunion
Product Liability Advisory Council, IncPetitionerTransunion
Washington Legal FoundationPetitionerTransunion
American Association for JusticeRespondentTransunion
Complex Litigation Law ProfessorsRespondentTransunion
Constitutional Accountability CenterRespondentTransunion
Electronic Frontier FoundationRespondentTransunion
Electronic Privacy Information CenterRespondentTransunion
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational FundRespondentTransunion
Legal ScholarsRespondentTransunion
National Association of Consumer AdvocatesRespondentTransunion
National Consumer Law CenterRespondentTransunion
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, IncRespondentTransunion
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationRespondentTransunion
Public JusticeRespondentTransunion
Committee to Support Antitrust LawsRespondentTransunion
UC Berkeley Center for Consumer Law and Economic JusticeRespondentTransunion
Fair Lines America Foundation, Inc in support of neither partyNeitherTrump
Citizens United and Citizens United FoundationPetitionerTrump
Dr John S Baker, JrPetitionerTrump
Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense FundPetitionerTrump
Immigration Reform Law InstitutePetitionerTrump
States of LouisianaPetitionerTrump
US Reps Morris Jackson “Mo” Brooks, JrPetitionerTrump
Businesses and Business OrganizationsRespondentTrump
City of San Jose, CaliforniaRespondentTrump
Common Cause et alRespondentTrump
Faith-Based and Immigrants' Rights OrganizationsRespondentTrump
Former Directors of the US Census BureauRespondentTrump
Historians of the CensusRespondentTrump
Ilya Somin and Sanford LevinsonRespondentTrump
LatinoJustice PRLDEF And Twelve Amici CuriaeRespondentTrump
Local Governments filed (11/19/2020)RespondentTrump
Members of CongressRespondentTrump
Michael L RosinRespondentTrump
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational FundRespondentTrump
National Congress of American IndiansRespondentTrump
Professor Andrew Reamer, PhDRespondentTrump
State of CaliforniaRespondentTrump
League of Women Voters of United StatesRespondentTrump
United States Conference of Catholic BishopsRespondentTrump
United States House of RepresentativesRespondentTrump
ACLUPetitionerUS Fish
American Forest Resource CouncilPetitionerUS Fish
Andrew RosenbergPetitionerUS Fish
Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of WildlifePetitionerUS Fish
Electronic Privacy Information CenterPetitionerUS Fish
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the PressPetitionerUS Fish
American Humanist Association (October 7, 2020)PetitionerUzuegbunam
CatholicVoteorg Education FundPetitionerUzuegbunam
Child Evangelism Fellowship, IncPetitionerUzuegbunam
Christian Legal SocietyPetitionerUzuegbunam
Council on American-Islamic RelationsPetitionerUzuegbunam
Foundation for Individual Rights in EducationPetitionerUzuegbunam
Foundation for Moral LawPetitionerUzuegbunam
Frederick Douglass Foundation, IncPetitionerUzuegbunam
General Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsPetitionerUzuegbunam
Institute for Free SpeechPetitionerUzuegbunam
Jewish Coalition for Religious LibertyPetitionerUzuegbunam
Justice and Freedom FundPetitionerUzuegbunam
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, IncPetitionerUzuegbunam
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerUzuegbunam
Public Citizen and Public Citizen FoundationPetitionerUzuegbunam
Becket Fund for Religious LibertyPetitionerUzuegbunam
Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team of Religious Freedom InstitutePetitionerUzuegbunam
The Rutherford InstitutePetitionerUzuegbunam
United States Conference of Catholic BishopsPetitionerUzuegbunam
United StatesPetitionerUzuegbunam
Young Americans for Liberty, IncPetitionerUzuegbunam
District of ColumbiaRespondentUzuegbunam
National Conference of State LegislaturesRespondentUzuegbunam
The United States Technology Policy Committee of the ACM in support of neither partyNeitherVan Buren
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerVan Buren
Association of Medical Device ReprocessorsPetitionerVan Buren
Association of Medical Device Service OrganizationsPetitionerVan Buren
Committee for JusticePetitionerVan Buren
Computer Security ResearchersPetitionerVan Buren
Kyratso KarahaliosPetitionerVan Buren
National Association of Criminal Defense LawyersPetitionerVan Buren
National Whistleblower CenterPetitionerVan Buren
Orin S KerrPetitionerVan Buren
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the PressPetitionerVan Buren
Technology CompaniesPetitionerVan Buren
MarkupPetitionerVan Buren
R Street InstitutePetitionerVan Buren
Digital Justice FoundationRespondentVan Buren
Electronic Privacy Information CenterRespondentVan Buren
Federal Law Enforcement Officers AssociationRespondentVan Buren
Karen Heart and Anthony Volini of CIPLITRespondentVan Buren
Managed Funds AssociationRespondentVan Buren
Voatz, IncRespondentVan Buren
Bryndon Fisher in support of neither party(in 19-563)NeitherYellen
Americans for Prosperity FoundationPetitionerYellen
Institutional Investors in Fannie Mae and Freddie MacPetitionerYellen
New Civil Liberties AlliancePetitionerYellen
Pacific Legal FoundationPetitionerYellen
Thomas P VartanianPetitionerYellen
Timothy HowardPetitionerYellen
Brief of Court-appointed amicus curiaeRespondentYellen
Constitutional Accountability CenterRespondentYellen
Jed H ShugermanRespondentYellen
Professor John HarrisonRespondentYellen


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